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The Exequo Group is a multinational group of companies whose goal is to bring local entertainment products to audiences worldwide. We provide you multilingual services in order to handle your localization needs in up to 30 languages. Over a period of 17 years the Exequo Group became multi-service on a global scale.


1998: Creation of the Exequo company in Paris, a video game localization provider offering a wide array of services (translation, voice recording, audio design, marketing support, Quality Assurance & testing) to numerous editors and developers, including Microsoft, Electronic Arts and Sega.

2001: Opening of Triom Production, our in-house recording studios, and beginning of several strategic business partnerships, with editors such as Microsoft and Sony. Exequo is now a certified developer for both companies' platforms and took part in the creation of the official Xbox terminology.

2006: Birth of Anakan, Exequo's Berlin-based subsidiary. Anakan provides a substantial community of international actors living in Berlin and gives the group improved access to Central and Eastern European markets.

2012: Opening of our 4,300 sq ft localization QA testing center in Berlin, which can take on large-scale multi-platform projects.

2013: Creation of the Exequo Corporation in Seattle, providing our clients a service that comes close to being 24/7.

2015Exequo Asia meets the day, with offices in Tokyo & Taipei. Expansion into the Asian markets is the latest in a line of strategic developments for the Exequo group.


Today the Exequo Group includes 4 companies and spans 5 production facilities in 5 different countries on 3 continents, with offices in Paris, Berlin, Seattle, Tokyo and TaipeiWe want to be even closer to our clients, this is why we are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to develop and reach out to new audiences worldwide.


We want to become your reference for multilingual localization.


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